Property Managers, Take Control with KeyWarden!

The KeyWarden Systems, Access Peg and E-Systems, have the flexibility to meet your needs and budget! The Access Peg System is a cost-effective solution that tells you with a glance who has the keys. The E-System provides electronic monitoring with an audit trail (user history), receipt and report printing, network integration and, optionally, can interface with other management systems. E-mail-based reporting and other advanced features are available as low-to-no-cost options. Whether your needs are basic key control or advanced key monitoring, KeyWarden has a system for you!

Are you ready to make employees and contractors accountable for the keys. Your residents rely on you for their safety. Make sure that the keys are being checked out and returned when they should be. When a contractors shows up to work on a unit the clock is ticking! Having them wait around while a key is being located can get expensive quickly.

Either system offers you the option of using coded keys so if a key is lost it cannot be traced to a particular unit. Ease of operation means that that people can and will use the KeyWarden System, with almost no learning curve. Some key control systems are just too expensive and require costly monthly support. Some are easily compromised because keys can be removed without being “swiped.” They only monitor who is opening the cabinet instead of actually tracking key use. The KeyWarden Systems are affordable, scalable and have the functionality and security of systems costing several times as much!

How the Access Peg System Works:

1. Each key is assigned to a numbered plug (example 50).
2. Each user is assigned access pegs (example 8). An identity tag with the user name can also be attached. The color of the access peg can be used to identify an employee by department or contractors.
3. The user inserts their access peg into the right port for the key they want and make a 1/4 turn to the left.
4. The key is released and the user’s access peg locked into the corresponding port. When the key is returned the user peg will be released.
5. With a glance, you know who has which keys.

KeyWarden Electronic

The most advanced electronic key control system offered today…at very affordable prices.
Has a resident claimed that something is missing from their apartment and blamed it on the maintenance staff? The user history report will inform you if any of your employees had a key checked out at that time or verify that your staff did not have access at that time. Easily make sure that a contractor has returned all keys before the end of the day. Does the resident have pets, are they a day-sleeper or have other special needs? The system will prompt the employee about special conditions as keys are checked out.
Do you want to interface to your in-house work dispatching system for work orders? The KeyWarden System is wireless network-ready to simplify integration into your existing system. Remote monitoring and internet-based reporting are easy to implement. Time zones are an option that would require management approval for keys to be removed after hours. Enhance your security and efficiency by implementing a KeyWarden E-System in your community!

Contact a KeyWarden professional and discuss your specific needs today!

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