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Key Control Systems

Key control systems are designed so that only authorized users can access keys and the management of keys is controlled. It enables you to control and track all of your keys and it also can restrict those who can access them, and where they are taken. This saves you the time of having to look for misplaced keys or going through the trouble of replacing any missing keys. With our electronic key management system you can rest comfortably knowing that you have the ability to track your keys in real time.

You cannot manage what you do not control. KeyWarden puts you back in control with key management systems produced by Morse Watchmans, a leading provider of high-security products since 1882. As the Texas distributor of Morse Watchmans products, KeyWarden provides on-site needs-analysis and product presentations, customized solutions that secure small high-value assets and keys, implementation & training, and on-going support.

Key Warden’s managed products provide highly effective solutions to the key control problems common many facilities; hospitality, universities and education, hospitals, government, multi-family, and correctional institutions. The systems are scalable, networkable, and interface to access control systems.

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key management systems

Manage, Control and Secure Your Business

Our flagship products, the KeyBank and KeyWatcher series of electronic key management systems control who has access to which keys, when they can get them, and how long the keys can be retained by a User with real-time notifications to curb abuse and irresponsible behaviors. Coupled with sophisticated but easy-to-use software these controls are accompanied by an on-going audit trail, comprehensive on-demand reports, and automated reports that land at an appropriate time in your email inbox. Morse Watchmans systems are used to control more than keys; they provide an excellent solution for controlling access & gas cards, radios, iPods, tactical gear & Tasers, laptops and other high-value small objects. Every system is customizable and backed by the industry’s strongest warranty.

There is no charge for an on-site needs assessment survey or presentation. Contact KeyWarden and learn how you can lock up the keys!

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