Track tools, electronics and orther valuable assets! How Does It Work? Click Here!

Asset Control Peg-Based System

Keep track of your valuables!

You can quickly implement this effective, inexpensive system and start keeping track of important assets.

This is the perfect solution for making people accountable for tools, electronics and other valuables. You will save money by needing fewer of these items, reducing abuse treatment and improving the efficiency of your organization.

With its scalable design, low cost and durability the time to get control is today!

The Asset Vault System

The Asset-Vault System is designed to enable the electronic tracking of a wide range of valuable assets such as specialized tools, electronic devices, guns or expensive retail items.
The KeyWarden Asset Vault is a cost-effective solution to the vexing problem of controlling assets, particularly useful to law enforcement agencies, high-value warehousing and for tracking specialty equipment. The cost savings result from not only controlling “shrinkage” but also efficiently storing expensive assets or devices often means that you end up needing to purchase less of these valuables commodities. When people are accountable, the results are less damage and abuse to those assets.
Controlling access means you know who got what and when they got it! Limit user access to duty and/or work cycles. Employees can rapidly access needed items and operational efficiency improves.
You will find that the KeyWarden Asset Vault is surprisingly affordable and simple to implement.

Asset Control Box

A revoluntionary way to secure, protect and control valuables. Perfect for UPS, FedEx, US Mail and other overnight deliveries. Scable to meet your requirements from 9.5″H x 16.5″W x 20.5 “D to 29″H x 16.5″W x 20.5″D and with a modular design that allows multiple boxes to be connected. The process is simple (but patented):

1. Insert package into unlocked box.
2. To lock-merely turn the thumb latch.
3. Only an authorized key holder can open and remove contents.
4. Opening the lock allows the thumb latch to reset.

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