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The Hardware
Incident Codes
As your officers make their rounds, they will have the ability to enter in a user-programmable incident code right at the scene, using the built-in keypad and display. PowerCheck has 99 pre-set incident codes which are downloaded to your computer when your officers return from their tour. You can finally eliminate all that unnecessary paperwork.
Auto Pilot
The PowerCheck 3002 model offers this powerful feature that actually tells the officer where the next station is by displaying the next station on its screen so there is no excuse for incomplete tours or forgotten stations. To prevent outsiders from predicting an officer’s routes, use the random tour command which initiates a completely different tour every time.
Rugged Construction
PowerCheck is rough and tough. Shock and water resistant, our data recorder is made of Lexan® — the same super tough material that is used to make pro football helmets. It can take the heat and the cold. It will operate in temperatures from -20° to 140° F. It simply will not fail under normal usage.
Assured Uptime for Life
Should you lose the use of your data recorder because its been lost, stolen, or in the need of repair, we will quickly get a temporary replacement into your hands. This FREE loaner program is assured to you for the life of your PowerCheck. Our expert technicians will have damaged units back to you within 48 hours of receipt. Just another reason to trust PowerCheck.
Checkpoint Stations
Ours are guaranteed for life! Any system is only as good as its weakest point, usually that means the checkpoint stations. Other button systems fall off, get easily damaged and are usually the weakest point of a system. NOT with PowerCheck! We’ve made sure that they are tested tough – so they stand up to man and nature. Even if the surface has been vandalized, the stations will still function to your expectations.
Works Anywhere
The station’s compact design and size gives it the ability to blend into any environment. They attach with special tamper proof screws. If you want to paint them to match the walls… go ahead they still work!
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