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KeyWarden was founded in 1991 as a distributor for computerized key control systems produced by KeyTrak. At that time, under the dba of KeyTrak Central, we were the original distributor for KeyTrak and instrumental in introducing computerized key control systems to auto dealerships and multi-family communitites. Today we proudly represent Morse Watchmans; the most established and successful company in the key control and security industry; and A1 Security Manufacturing Co., a leading provider to the locksmith industry.

Since 1882 Morse Watchmans has been helping business owners and managers worldwide rest well knowing that their businesses were safe and secure. Key management has always been a concern in businesses around the world, especially in larger industries such as hospitals, hotels, and correctional facilities. In the early 1990s, Morse Watchmans realized that there was an increasing need for companies to successfully track their sensitive keys. With Morse Watchmans already having been a leader in the security industry with a sound business relationship and the trust of so many, companies were not afraid to share their key problems and concerns with us.

In 1993, Morse Watchmans, Inc. developed The KeyWatcherâ„¢, the first stand-alone key management system that electronically released keys to authorized users. This system allowed for keys to be stored in a smart storage cabinet that accounted for each user by access code, time and date. Keys were physically locked in place and only released to authorized users. A patented feature called Random Key Return was also implemented, which allowed users to return keys back to any open location within the cabinet, therefore, protecting sensitive keys from pattern location placement.

As the popularity of this system began to grow, our customers came forward and expressed to us new features they wanted to see. Based on their requests, we have added many new components and expanded the system to accommodate up to 1000 key locations and 1000 users. There are also optional features like durable polycarbonate cabinet doors, which enable you to view the keys inside.

A1 Security Manufactuing Co.began with the innovative cooperation of a locksmith and a machinist. Today, A1 strives to maintain the inventive spirit of its founders. Highly recognized for quality and service, A1 manufactures tools for all aspects of locksmithing, including:

automotive installation picks
interchangeable core tubular
PAK-A-PUNCHâ„¢ key machines
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