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Could this be one of your salespeople?

In the Sales Department, not controlling the keys cost you …$$$MONEY$$$

  • Cutting lost or misplaced keys and remotes is expensive.
  • Searching for keys interrupts the sales process.
  • Customers may leave while your salespeople run around trying to find a key.
  • Vehicles are subject to unauthorized use.
  • Inventory is exposed to theft and abuse.

In the Service Department, not controlling the keys cost you …$$$MONEY$$$

  • Customer cars and contents are in jeopardy.
  • Time-to-sell is lost through inefficiency.
  • Constrained space with blocking cars is a bigger problem.
  • Customers are left waiting a the cashier’s window while missing keys are located.
  • Customer key rings, often dropped off even though SA’s are instructed not to take them, can be lost; endangering residences, other vehicles and high value assets. This can result in an expensive locksmith bill and upset customer.

Without safeguards you are not controlling your inventory; the guy you hired yesterday is!

The Access Peg System

The Access Peg System
How does it work?
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The Access Peg System…

…is available in 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and 150 unit sizes with optional steel enclosures. The access pegs and key plugs are offered in twelve popular colors.

A quick and cost-effective key control solution that is easy to implement and inexpensive to own and maintenance-free.

With a glance, you know who has which key.

Is This Your Locksmith?

Is This Your Locksmith?
What are you spending on cutting keys?

KeyWarden E-160

KeyWarden E-160
How does it work?
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The KeyWarden E-System…

…the most advanced, innovative key control solution available. The E-System uses biometric access for secure transactions, wireless networking for easy expansion and scalability to accommodate large or smaller dealerships.

The electronic system is available in 40, 80, 120 and 160 unit cabinets with auto-locking steel enclosures. Different size cabinets may be used together for expansion.

The following reports can be printed or emailed at any time or set-up as an automated function.

  • Keys Out which list keys currently checked out by user, date and time.
  • Unit History for a detailed history of all transaction involving a particular unit.
  • User History for a history of an individual users access and keys checked out.
  • Illegal Transaction Report showing which keys which were removed from the system without request.

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