Case Study: Lubbock Detention Center

The Lubbock County Detention Center (LCDC) is one of the largest direct supervision county detention facilities in Texas with a current capacity of 1500 beds. Since its opening in 2010, the facility has utilized the Morse Watchmans key control system, along with other state of the art electronic security and access control systems, to increase the safety and security of both inmates and staff.

According to Captain Malcolm Chambliss, Day Shift Captain and Detention Response Team Commander with the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office, the new LCDC facility was planned with the use of advanced technology as a high priority. He says the Morse Watchmans automated key control system, introduced to the planning committee by the architect, was a perfect match for LCDC’s objective of more effectively and safely operating the facility through the use of high end security technology. 
We understand how mission-critical your keys are to you. Morse Watchmans key control and key management systems help you manage all your keys, in all their forms. Instant key release lets guards pick up their key rings quickly and easily. Custom modules keep larger keys like Folger Adam keys safe and secure. Dual keypad and display option lets you maintain the KeyWatcher in a controlled, locked environment for a second layer of security. You can even set up your system to use your facility’s ID cards for access to the KeyWatcher.

We keep making key management better for correctional facilities. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

Case Study Lubbock County Detention Center
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