Morse Watchmans key control is a smart decision for educators.

There may be hundreds – sometimes thousands – of physical keys on a campus. Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher key control and management systems protect them all – and give you full accountability for who has which key at what time.
Case Study: Design flexibility of KeyWatcher® System enables customized application for Texas State University – read more .

More security for sensitive information

Keep server closets and computers safely locked away and keep private information out of the wrong hands. KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch help ensure that social security numbers, students’ home addresses and other sensitive data is not accessible to unauthorized individuals.

Every door accounted for in case of an incident

Make sure police and security officers are able to open every locked door on campus whenever needed. With Alerts, KeyWatcher andKeyWatcher Touch notify administrators any time a key is not returned to the cabinet, and the KeyFind feature provides information on who has any key out at a given time.

Backup keys for every dorm room – with accountability

Students lose keys. With KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch, you can keep a backup for every dorm room. So when a student stumbles home at 4:00 am without a key, one can be provided by an authorized individual. With the Notes function, it can be required that if any key is permanently removed from the cabinet, the transaction must be documented with regard to who has taken possession of it. This also helps keep items like iPods and laptop computers safe in students’ dorm rooms – and helps keep schools safe from liability.

No more lost masters, no more expensive re-keying

The loss of one master key can easily cost the university $85,000 in re-keying. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit the use of masters to authorized individuals with a key control system. Keys for specific areas can be grouped on color- coded KeyRings, and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. If a master is taken out and lost by an authorized individual, there is accountability as KeyWatcher’s audit trail will reliably identify that person.

Key security for every department

Save time and cost for the facilities department by limiting the need to cut new keys. For all departments including athletic, administrative, heating, electrical, and AC, limit the use of master keys, protect sensitive information and valuable property, and keep key use for those doors to authorized individuals.

Outside contractors

Keep accountability even when it’s not your own employees accessing the keys. With a wide variety of sizes including 8-key systems, you can provide contractors company-wide credentials to access a specific KeyWatcher and make sure keys stay where they belong. For universities who choose to contract out custodial and other services, the savings more than cover the cost of the systems – and of course knowing your keys are safe is priceless.

Audit trail in case of loss

If an item in a protected room or building is missing, administration can use KeyWatcher’s audit trail to identify the last person who had that key. This does more than solve crimes – it prevents them, since people tend to behave better when they know that they have eyes on them.

When access control is not possible

In some older buildings it is not possible, or too expensive, to deploy card- or prox-based access control systems. KeyWatcher,KeyWatcher Touch and KeyBank maintain a higher level of security with the physical keys you are already using.

Fleet management

Ensure that each vehicle in the fleet is correctly utilized. Use scheduling to ensure that older cars continue to get driven by security officers, campus police and other drivers even when new cars are added to the fleet. Key reservations guarantee that 12-seater vans will be available for the 10-member debate team and won’t already be in use by the 5-person swim team.
We keep making education key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.
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