Key Management Systems Hotels

Custom Key Solutions that allow Hotels to maintain Key Integrity and Key Control.

You use a lot of keys. We help you keep them safe with key control and management systems. Larger hotels benefit from system capacity of up to 1440 keys. You can split the systems, place them on different floors and control all systems via LAN. Instant key release feature helps speed access, especially at shift change times – set up the system to automatically release a particular key, ring of keys, or single key from a specific group to each individual. KeyWatcher Touch, our touchscreen system, even offers dual language support.
We keep making hotel and hospitality key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

When the hospitality service provider’s goal is to deliver the best possible guest experience, an efficient method for controlling and accessing keys is a necessity.
  • Hotel Key Tracking Software & Reports.
  • Hotel Key Systems Generate Proven ROI.
  • Convenient Key Access Control & Alerts.
KeyWatcher® Key Control System — The KeyWatcher is a custom configured solution that allows the Plaza to maintain key integrity and key control. It automatically records the access history of each key, including user, date and time of key access/ return. The system releases assigned keys only to users with the proper authorization code (either fingerprint identification or numerical code), and cannot be manipulated or easily tampered with. The illuminated key slots make accessing and returning keys easier and the system as configured readily accommodates both hard keys and plastic key cards.
KeyPro® Performance Software – The userfriendly PC application software delivers real-time transaction polling, key status, alarm and reporting capabilities for the KeyWatcher system. Activity reports can be customized to trace key movements by time, date and user code or biometric access data. And because the software allows the KeyWatcher Key Control System to be conveniently accessed and programmed remotely via an IP connection, control of the keys can be more efficiently and safely managed remotely as well. Priority email alerts can be sent to management to keep them informed of the whereabouts of high security keys or if they have been logged out for too long.
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