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 KeyBank Auto System Complete with KeyPro Software.

Key Control for Fleets – Control of Your Transportation Operations

Do your Drivers drive you crazy?

The key to controlling the Fleet is to control the keys. Do you want to restrict drivers to particular vehicles? You can. Do you want to know when they took a key and when it was returned? You will. Do you want to reserve vehicles at certain times such as the truck with the lift-gate or the new 2013 unit for the boss. Do it. Want to prevent people from accessing certain keys on weekends or to just the times they are scheduled to work. No problem. Do you wonder if people are using your fleet for their own side-job businesses. Make them accountable!

Morse Watchmans electronic key management systems are scalable and customizable to fit every application. The KeyBank and KeyWatcher systems have been implemented by police departments, trucking firms, school districts, limo companies, and by government agencies to enhance fleet operations.
It is not just keys to the units that are controlled by the systems. Produce delivery companies and food service providers have discovered that keeping the keys to their customer premises locked inside Morse Watchmans systems not only enhanced operations but became selling points against competitors. After all, if you owned a restaurant serviced by a company that holds your keys wouldn’t you choose a company that can give you the peace of mind that they can document every time someone touched your keys.

Another application for the KeyBank and KeyWatcher systems has been to track gas cards. With gas costing what it does, and the vexation of documenting lost cards, a system that provides control and an audit trail can not only prevent abuse, it can help you focus on running operations not stealing your time dealing with problems.

The keys control the vehicles. To control a fleet, you must control the keys!
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