KeyWatcher® Fleet

Manage and Optimize Fleet Utilization And Reduce Costs 

KeyWatcher Fleet

The industry’s only electronic key control system with software designed from the ground up for fleet management applications, KeyWatcher Fleet helps you optimize vehicle usage, reduce costs, and much more. Get the pulse of your feet in an instant with a convenient dashboard that displays vehicle use, bookings, status and reporting charts. Watchmans SmartsTM lets you create your own policies to enable automatic allocation of vehicles for each driver. Configure vehicle pool distribution by lowest mileage, first in/first out, predefined priority, fuel level and more. Built on the robust and proven KeyWatcher Touch hardware, KeyWatcher Fleet uses the same 6, 8, and 6-key modules, allowing you to manage thousands of keys and users with a single system or network multiple systems of a single server. PIN codes ensure only authorized users gain access, or you can add an optional card or fingerprint reader for even stronger key security.

Because the tracking of all the keys in the system is centralized and always up to date, it is a simple matter for managers to understand the current status of their fleet.

How SmartKeys Work

When a SmartKey is inserted into a key slot in one of our key control cabinets, the ID microchip data is logged and the key set is marked as returned. When keys are removed, the SmartKey microchip data is retrieved and associated with the user removing the keys. In KeyWatcher systems, SmartKeys are locked in place until an authorized user is granted access, guaranteeing an even higher level of key security.

Two types of SmartKeys are available, Standard and Quick-Fit. Standard SmartKeys are ideal for more permanent uses, allowing for up to three ring replacements on a single SmartKey. Quick-Fit SmartKeys allow administrators to add and remove keys more easily and as often as needed without having to replace the SmartKey itself.

SmartKeys are offered in a variety of colors for easy identification and organization when using multiple key control systems in different facilities.

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