Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of key control products and how do they differ?

The first distinction is between mechanical and electronic (computerized) systems. Mechanical systems provide accountability; with a glance you know who has which key. Electronic systems provide that and much more, including retaining an electronic record of key transactions and greater security through more rigid access means. This enables electronic to provide on-demand or scheduled reports detailing the activity of who has accessed which keys. Furthermore electronic systems can require biometric log-in and limit users to specific keys or hours of operation.

We offer two versions of electronic systems which can be configured in many ways. The primary difference is in Locking or Non-Locking configurations. A Locking system is typically used in higher security applications. The only key which can be removed from these during check-out is the requested key. In many environments, such as automotive and multi-family a Non-Locking system is the most cost-effective. The User requests a specific key but other keys may be removed during the check-out process. It is important to note that these keys are still logged and tracked while the exception of an unrequested key removal is also recorded and reported.

Do you provide on-site installation and training?

Yes, we do. For mechanical systems this is not necessary; however, on electronic systems it can great enhance the experience and processes of the customer to have a skilled technician install the product and train your users in its operation.

How do you support the products?

The mechanical systems and electronic have been designed to be modular to facilitate repair. Should a part fail we will ship, overnight priority in needed, a replacement component which can be easily replaced by the customer. Toll-free support is also available.