SmartKey Locker Systems


Secure Larger Objects with SmartKey® Lockers

SmartKey Locker systems are the solution for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects. Now access to laptop computers, cash trays and more can be managed as efficiently as keys. Items can be returned to any open locker for convenience.

Set up SmartKey Locker systems as a personal metal locker storage space for one or multiple users. Like all Morse Watchmans solutions, they are customizable and scalable.

SmartKey metal locker cabinets are engineered for complete interactivity with your other business systems. By opening our protocols to a wide range of integration partners, Morse Watchmans makes it possible for you to implement connectivity across systems on any level you choose. For example, by integrating your SmartKey Locker system with your access control system, your access control system will know which users are in the facility and which are not. A user who has taken an object from a SmartKey Locker cabinet can be denied egress from the facility until the object is returned – and selected management can be alerted automatically via email if an item has not been returned.

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By designing SmartKey Locker systems with the ability to communicate across systems, Morse Watchmans helps our customers maintain best-in-breed security solutions without the need to overhaul or replace costly installations. SmartKey Locker systems have a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

It’s easy to expand scalable SmartKey Locker systems as your needs grow. Start with a single cabinet, or configure your system with multiple locker cabinets. Designed with scalability in mind, each additional metal locker storage unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced Key Pro software.


Cabinet Styles

Locker Cabinet Styles for Security Lockers


KeyPro III Software

Key Control Software from Morse Watchmans
Maximize Your Key Management System with KeyPro Software

Maximize your key management system with user-friendly KeyPro key control software. A PC application with remote access capabilities, KeyPro lets system managers establish permission levels for each User Code and monitor data from any desktop connected to the network.

The key management software can run activity reports, sort based on different criteria, view and print reports, and more. System managers can generate practical management reports, which trace key movements by time, date and user code. An audit trail report indicates the time and date of every key accessed by a user for a given time parameter.

A built-in scheduler automatically downloads all data to a secure PC, allowing system managers to sort and analyze information to maintain maximum control of access and security issues. KeyWatcher now offers the capability to send priority email alerts to security managers, keeping them informed of the whereabouts of Smart Keys.

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KeyPro III Key Control Software Features

• User-Friendly Interface – Easy to use graphical interface makes programming and running reports quick and simple to do.

• Real-time Transaction Polling – A built-in scheduler automatically downloads all KeyWatcher data to centralized or remote computers.

• Maximized Network Capabilities – With KeyPro III’s networking capabilities, sensitive database files can be kept on a network server. This also allows for any installation of KeyPro III to have the ability to make changes and synchronize the data with the KeyWatcher system.

• Extensive Key Management Reporting – Reports can be generated based on specific key, user or alarm transaction. KeyPro provides comprehensive reporting methods, including the ability to sort by last name, first name, ascending and descending sequential order.

• Local Area Network Access – Accessibility to the key management systems over a LAN enables managers to perform functions on any KeyWatcher via TCP/IP.

Priority Email Alerts

The key management systems now offer the capability to send priority email alerts to security managers, keeping them informed of the whereabouts of Smart Keys.

Another key feature of the software is the built-in scheduler. This tool automatically downloads all data to a secure PC, allowing system managers to sort and analyze the information so they maintain maximum control of access and security issues.

When combined with the KeyPro III software, no other similar product on the market is as technically advanced as the KeyBank and KeyWatcher by Morse Watchmans.

For high-volume key users requiring efficient, secure key storage and complete, real-time accountability. The KeyBank makes tracking large quantities of keys — manageable.

Key Reservations

With Key Reservations, authorized users can even reserve a key in the system for a specified timeframe. It’s a convenient, easy way to guarantee access when a key is needed.

Real-Time Reporting

Detailed, real-time management reports based on specific key, user and alarm transactions.

Generate reports by:

  • List of keys
  • Users
  • Keys in use
  • Keys removed
  • Keys overdue
  • …and Much More
Remote Access

Accessible by multiple administrators from remote locations via standard Internet connection.

Added Security

For added security, the KeyBank® system can be integrated with a Magnetic, Proximity or Biometric Reader.

Reliability and Support

Morse Watchmans offers an exclusive two-year warranty on all parts, free lifetime technical support and unlimited customer service on all its products.