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KeyWarden – The most recognized name in key control systems

For over 22 years, KeyWarden has been providing Key Control systems in different corporate markets throughout San Antonio, Texas. KeyWarden is an approved vendor and the designated key control company with Morse Watchmen’s for the entire state of Texas. For over a century, Morse Watchmans Inc. has been a true innovator of advanced security solutions.

Today, Morse Watchmans has emerged as the most recognized name in security management products which include key security, key control and key management systems. Keywarden provides, services and installs these key management sysems and more in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

Key Warden’s managed key security products provide highly effective solutions to the key control problems common in many facilities in San Antonio; hospitality, universities and education, hospitals, government, multi-family, and correctional institutions are all but a few markets we specialize in. Our San Antonio key security and key control systems are scalable, networkable, and interface to access control systems that you can monitor over the internet as well as through a mobile app on your smartphone.

Key Management Systems San Antonio | Manage, Control and Secure Your Business

Our flagship products, the KeyBank and KeyWatcher series of electronic key management systems can control whom in your San antonio company has access to which keys, when they can get them, and how long the keys can be retained by an employee with real-time notifications to curb abuse and irresponsible behaviors. Coupled with sophisticated but easy-to-use software, these controls are accompanied by an on-going audit trail, comprehensive on-demand reports, and automated reports that land at an appropriate time in your email inbox or from an app on your smartphone.

Key Warden’s systems are used to control more than just keys for your San Antonio company or organization; they provide an excellent solution for controlling access to gas cards, radios, iPods, tactical gear & Tasers, laptops and other high-value small objects. Every system is customizable to your needs and is backed by the industry’s strongest warranty.

Key Security for Education & Colleges in San Antonio, TX

Key Warden’s key control is a smart decision for colleges and universities in San Antonio.

There may be hundreds, and sometimes thousands of physical keys on your college, university or school campus here in San Antonio, TX. Key Warden’s KeyWatcher key control and key management systems for San Antonio protect them all – and give you full accountability for who in your San Antonio organization has which key at what time. Key Warden has one the most secure systems for key security San Antonio has to offer.

You sensitive information is secured. San Antonio Key Security You Can Trust.

Keep server closets and computers safely locked away and keep private information out of the wrong hands. Our KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch help ensure that social security numbers, students’ home addresses and other sensitive data is not accessible to unauthorized individuals. Our key management in San Antonio is second to none.

Every door accounted for in case of an incident

Make sure police and security officers are able to open every locked door on campus whenever needed. With Alerts, KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch notify administrators any time a key is not returned to the cabinet, and the KeyFind feature provides information on who has any key out at a given time.

Backup keys for every dorm room – with accountability

Students lose keys. With KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch, you can keep a backup for every dorm room. So when a student stumbles home at 4:00 am without a key, one can be provided by an authorized individual. With the Notes function, it can be required that if any key is permanently removed from the cabinet, the transaction must be documented with regard to who has taken possession of it. This also helps keep items like iPods and laptop computers safe in students’ dorm rooms – and helps keep schools safe from liability.

No more lost masters, no more expensive re-keying

The loss of one master key can easily cost the university $85,000 in re-keying. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit the use of masters to authorized individuals with a key control system. Keys for specific areas can be grouped on color- coded KeyRings, and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. If a master is taken out and lost by an authorized individual, there is accountability as KeyWatcher’s audit trail will reliably identify that person.

Key security for every department

Save time and cost for the facilities department by limiting the need to cut new keys. For all departments including athletic, administrative, heating, electrical, and AC, limit the use of master keys, protect sensitive information and valuable property, and keep key use for those doors to authorized individuals.

Key Control For Fleets in San Antonio | San Antonio Key Security For Fleet Management

Trying to keep up with all of your San Antonio Drivers and their Vehicles?

The key to controlling the Fleet is to control the keys. Do you want to restrict drivers to particular vehicles? You can. Do you want to know when they took a key and when it was returned? You will. Do you want to reserve vehicles at certain times such as the truck with the lift-gate or the new 2013 unit for the boss. Do it. Want to prevent people from accessing certain keys on weekends or to just the times they are scheduled to work. No problem. Do you wonder if people are using your fleet for their own side-job businesses. Make them accountable!Fleet Management

Morse Watchmans electronic key management systems are scalable and customizable to fit every application. The KeyBank and KeyWatcher systems have been implemented by police departments, trucking firms, school districts, limo companies, and by government agencies to enhance fleet operations.

It is not just keys to the units that are controlled by the systems. Produce delivery companies and food service providers have discovered that keeping the keys to their customer premises locked inside Morse Watchmans systems not only enhanced operations but became selling points against competitors. After all, if you owned a restaurant serviced by a company that holds your keys wouldn’t you choose a company that can give you the peace of mind that they can document every time someone touched your keys.

Another application for the KeyBank and KeyWatcher systems has been to track gas cards. With gas costing what it does, and the vexation of documenting lost cards, a system that provides control and an audit trail can not only prevent abuse, it can help you focus on running operations not stealing your time dealing with problems.

Prison Key Security For Corrections in San Antonio | Prison Security & Guard Security in San Antonio

We understand how mission-critical your keys are to you. Morse Watchmans key control and key management systems help you manage all your keys, in all their forms. Instant key release lets guards pick up their key rings quickly and easily. Custom modules keep larger keys like Folger Adam keys safe and secure. Dual keypad and display option lets you maintain the KeyWatcher in a controlled, locked environment for a second layer of security. You can even set up your system to use your facility’s ID cards for access to the KeyWatcher.

We keep making key management better for correctional facilities. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

Key Control For Hotel & Hospitality | Hotel Key Security San Antonio

You use a lot of keys. We help you keep them safe with key control and management systems. Larger hotels benefit from system capacity of up to 1440 keys. You can split the systems, place them on different floors and control all systems via LAN. Instant key release feature helps speed access, especially at shift change times – set up the system to automatically release a particular key, ring of keys, or single key from a specific group to each individual. KeyWatcher Touch, our touchscreen system, even offers dual language support.

We keep making hotel and hospitality key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

Kety Warden’s systems are used to control more than keys; they provide an excellent solution for controlling access & gas cards, radios, iPods, tactical gear & Tasers, laptops and other high-value small objects. Every system is customizable and backed by the industry’s strongest warranty.

There is no charge for an on-site needs assessment survey or presentation. We can show you how you can lock up the keys and keep track of them daily without all of the trouble and hassle. Contact KeyWarden today for a free onsite review of our products.