KeySentry Key Security

KeySentry Key Control – Stop your keys from walking away!

Do Your Keys Have Legs?

Do keys walk away from your facility? How would you know? Sometimes the only clue is when you have a Big Problem. When those keys are not available, what happens to your organization?

Not only do absent keys cause chaos but the exposure to security risks are very real. A while back, an employee left the facility with keys in his coat pocket. While stopping by a convenience store his truck was burglarized and his badge, the coat, and the keys were taken. It necessitated a $85,000 re-keying project. Can you picture this happening in your facility?

The KeySentry is designed to prevent the problem of employees inadvertently taking keys outside of the facility. When they get within a set distance of the egress point and the sensor on the key ring is detected the KeySentry emits a loud, audible alarm with a highly-visual flashing strobe; notifying everyone in the vicinity of the detection. The range is adjustable from 3 meters to as much as many as 350 meters.

A simple, highly-effective, easily implemented, and affordable solution to preventing keys from ”walking out” of your facility. Get Control Now!

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